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Can Bioflavonoids Treat Nose Bleeds?

My husband is prone to nose bleeds.  He decided to have his nose cauterized around a year ago and it was not a pleasent experience.  Then, shortly after that, our middle child started getting DAILY nose bleeds.  Sometimes, he’d have 2 nose bleeds in one day and we never knew when one would occur (middle of night, at church, at school, at the dinner table, etc.).  It was very frustrating and we did not want our 5 year old to have to get his nose cauterized.  Here’s how the power of prayer works…

Then, a friend, whose son had experienced nose bleeds and had undergone unsuccessful cauterizations 2 times, told us that we needed to be consuming bioflavonoids to prevent the nose bleeds.   She found this solution after her experience.

So, we began looking at how we could easily incorporate bioflavonoids into our family’s diet.  One would think that if bioflavonoids can help with nose bleeds, then they might help with other ailments that have not been reveiled yet. 

 Ed and I had started an Isagenix program at the time and were feeling great.  We were considering giving the kids some of that nutrition, too, because of all the benefits we were finding in our research.  So, we began feeding them one shakes a day with IsaFruits and IsaPro (The IsaFruits and IsaPro have bioflavonoids and/or other components like probiotics and prebiotics that we felt our kids should have.)  And, Voila!  Miraculously, my son’s nose bleeds stopped!  We were amazed to see such a quick turnaround and we knew that we had found the solution.  Thank you, Lord!

Now, it is up to us to be consistent in feeding it to him.   We have gotten busy at times and forgotten to feed it to him for a week and the nose bleeds have returned, but when we get him back on the daily shake schedule, his nose bleed condition goes away again.

The lesson that I’ve learning here is that it always comes back to good nutrition.  It, also, further solidified my confidence in the Isagenix products.

1 comment to Can Bioflavonoids Treat Nose Bleeds?

  • Catherine


    I just read your post about nosebleeds. It sounds like your husband and son may have a genetic disorder called HHT.
    It means Hereditary Hemmoraghic (sp?) Telengectasia. It causes nosebleeds and AVM’s. Google it and you will learn alot about the disease. Not many doctors know about this disease, so it would be good to find a doctor that knows. Depending on where you live, there are clinics of excellence that will be listed on the HHT website. Actually here is the link to the Foundations website. It is very informative.

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